Saturday, July 24, 2010


Whether I cheer on the sidelines with pom poms in hand, or I scream and shout from the bleachers, I am showing my support for my team. I know that I can be overzealous shouting out my encouragement to the players on the court. I may stamp my feet and clap my hands. I have been known to stand up from my seat and call out to the referee. I do this to channel the energy that I have, to both inspire and maybe even give that extra "edge" to the players so that a victory will be won. I am preparing to watch my son's basketball game tomorrow morning. My son and my nephew (Everest) play basketball together. Everest is Griffin's older brother.

I plan to cheer for the basketball players tomorrow as I do for my nephew, Griffin. I cheer for Griffin everyday. My cheers for Griffin ride along with my thoughts and beliefs of my faith. I pray to God to keep Griffin well, healthy, and happy. There are other participants on the field who also deserve encouragement. These first string players need no introduction from me. You know them by a first name basis. Jon, Gretchen, Everest, Kailey, and Hudson.

The playing field is set in a number of different places. The fourth floor clinic at Children's Memorial, the house at 60076, and even the car ride to the emergency room. I am shouting out encouragement to

"...keep cool, relax, continue to do what you are doing..."

I am encouraging the players to endure, to sacrifice, and to overcome what may seem to be the hardest hurdle yet to be faced.

The current situation sets the players at different places. Everest is with me for a very early game in the morning. Hudson and Kailey are snug in their bed with grand-parental supervision. Jon, Gretchen, and Griffin are on the way to Children's Memorial. Griffin's white blood cell count has been trending on a downward slope. This situation challenges Griffin's body and makes it hard to fight off infections. Griffin had been monitored by the Md's for the past week plus a few days. Gretchen and Jon were given instruction to come to the hospital if Griffin developed a fever.
I had talked to Gretchen over the phone on Saturday evening (I can not change the time entered/displayed for this post). She spoke to me with tears and told me her "mother's instinct" and interpreted her gut feelings. She was preparing and packing in case Griffin did indeed show more objective signs of fever. I received the call Saturday night (before midnight) they were in fact on their way to the hospital.

Griffin has one more year of treatment and must face every challenge with strength courage, and faith. As I sit here in front of my monitor I invite you, reader, to join me on the sidelines and Cheer your heart out for the Home team. We can do a virtual wave, we can whirl a dervish dance, we can scream from the rooftops, we can send our positive energies, we can pray. However you choose to cheer, encourage, uplift and/or inspire...let us all tip the scale in Griffin's favor. 1-0.


Rose Astorina & Family said...

This is absolutely beautiful, so well written with a huge heart, Griffin is in our prayers everyday, we continue to root for him and the Maks family, so blessed to be surrounded by your love, please let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do to help cheer the little man on -- he's my hero!!! the strongest 4 year old I have ever met, his smile is infectious and his bravery is unmatchable! Keep fighting the good fight sweet Griff, we love you -- the Astorina family, Johnny sends you big high fives, hugs and kisses and can't wait for your playdate xoxox hang tough little man, keep showing them who's boss! Lots of Love to Gretchen, Jon and the kids too, we love you all!

Jenny said...

Well said Grizelda :) Love you.